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Nos Services

To best meet your expectations, Smaili Limousine now offers several services:

A service of Driver high-end, available 24/7, able to respond positively to your needs and expectations. By guaranteeing a quality service with several options on board, travel and make your trips serenely with Smaili Limousine.

Select your addresses and let our drivers guide you.

A service of Private Taxi , which stands out completely from a classic Taxi Nyon by adapting specifically to your requests. In addition, the price is fixed and without surprise, it is especially guaranteed upon reservation by Smaili Limousine. We take the greatest care in our services whatever your request and our drivers are always happy to be able to accompany you fully and calmly. 

  Whether you are an individual or a professional, it will be a pleasure to be able to concoct tailor-made and authentic experiences for you.

Smaili Limousine is also a team of drivers from Lyon equipped and trained for the mountains. During the winter season, go to the snow and enjoy the fresh air of the ski resorts. Whether you are with family or friends, we offer door-to-door transfers from your home or the airport to your hotel or resort rental.

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