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Notre société 

The Smaili Limousine company is made up of several employees with all the necessary authorizations to exercise the profession and fully support your requests! Our vision of service allows unlimited personalization of needs in order to support our passengers' requests as closely as possible! The vehicles of Smaili Limousine are mainly of the Mercedes brand, our objective is to associate the most qualitative transport possible with the best quality/price/time ratio. The field of intervention of our teams extends throughout Switzerland and sometimes in certain neighboring countries.

Smaili Limousine is today a dynamic company ready to take up the challenge of growth with always this objective of offering the best transport experience to passengers, thanks to our private VTC drivers.

Your request for a private VTC driver can concern a professional event, a wedding or quite simply a simple trip to Geneva airport for example. Our policy is not to refuse anyone. As the number of vehicles is limited, we always recommend that our passengers book their driver with our team as soon as possible.

A departure in a ski resort or elsewhere? From Nyon train station or Geneva airport? Our team will always offer a solution that meets your needs. Customer expectations are made with a sign directly in the halls of the transport hubs. The driver will be happy to accompany you to his vehicle and welcome you properly. Need a water bottle or charger? Ask your professional driver, he will then be happy to provide you with some.

The city of Nyon is conducive to tourism and the need for a journey is always important to take into consideration. Our private drivers are from Nyon and will always be willing to tell you about the city they love so much. Smaili Limousine is delighted to welcome families on a daily basis who can have car seats adapted to the size of their children on request and free of charge. A safe journey is the priority of our drivers.

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